Monday, December 22, 2008

Black Bart!

Dad played BLACK BART with us when we were kids. He would wait until Mom was gone for the afternoon or evening and then he turned off all the lights in the house and chased us around. We would scream our heads off. It was fun. If we got too scared he would turn the lights back on and turn into GOOD OL HOSS.

He would change the shape of his cowboy hat from the '50's. If it was all jaunty and pointy he was BLACK BART. If it was all rounded and he had a goofy smile then he was GOOD OL HOS. Kind of a greenlight-redlight game. I re-invented it as a baby sitter (and now an aunt) I pretend to sleep in a chair - if they tap my right hand I turn into the tickle monster and try to grab at them as I roar. If they tap my left hand I am the happy, friendly monster. This gives the kids more control...and...rightly...let's me play with them in an engaged way while I am sitting down (I used to have sore feet from waitressing).
Well these are the images of GOOD OL HOSS and BLACK BART that were in my head when we played that game back then.

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