Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Memory

This is when we got our puppy Suzie for Christmas. She was a cocker and springer spaniel mix. I was nearly 5 and Janis was nearly 3. I have forgotten where we were living at that time....anyone know? I know we are at our house because there is our desk and rocking chair, those furniture items continued with us far in to the 1970's. It should be noted that Janis is wearing my "hand-me-down" Christmas outfit and it looks adorable on her. I remember wearing the blue dress and tights that are in the picture - the blue dress was light and floaty - a faux satin. However, the tights were a bit on the small side and kept sliding down past my underpants which was annoying. Note that Janis' tights were way too big - bagging at the ankles. I also remember Dad setting up the Christmas tree - a "Norway" or Red pine - his favorite tree. I wonder if the Norway pine remained his favorite tree after he had to physically cut down over 100 of them and carry them out of his lake property to make room for the cabin in the mid-1970's? Don't get me talking about what ended up happening to poor Suzie...
Also - great comment - Janis looks exactly like her daughter Greta in this picture. Greta will be 4 this February. Janis' hair darkened slowly over the years to the fabulous brunette she is today - I bet she barely remembers her sandy blonde years. As for me, I pursued my orginal strawberry blond locks with bottle color until recently - Janis is a natural beauty and it's fair to say I am higher maintenance in that department :-).

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Saryl said...

Janis looks just like Greta! Don't you think? You both are super cute!