Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dad & Mom 1972 with Baby Daniel

Dad and Mom with Daniel James Woodward in 1972. Dan is the the newest kid on the Woodward block joining Joan, Janis and David his older siblings.

This was taken at our house in St. Peter. Daniel looks over 6 months old. I thought this must be at Christmas time but it wasn't. Correction - Danny was only 4 or 5 mos old - a big kid! Thanks Janis! You can see Dad's tattoo on his right forearm. It was a dagger piercing a rose with drops of blood dripping off of it. I've seen similar tatoos over the years and they also include a snake - Dad's did not have a snake. He always wore long sleeved shirts at work (school) and he didn't feel his tattoo was appropriate for a Professor or School administrator. It is a suggestive tattoo - one that a 16 year old kid may not understand but a Professor of Education may have been ashamed of (at work at least - wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

He got his tattoo on a road-trip to Florida with his buddies one summer. I think he was still 16 at the time....don't tell Gary's grandkids - Finn, Grayson, Marcos, Sebastian, Greta and Lily. As far as I know all of Gary's kids are ink-free (Joan, Jan, Dave, Dan) but there will likely be some inked skin on our next generation. Hopefully, we can tell them the lesson of Gary's tattoo and they should understand the metaphors in Tattoos before you get inked. And that you may want to steer away from Tattoos....until you have enough life experience to fully understand the images you are putting on your body for life. I often wonder if the Chinese characters that people are tattooed with are really the characters they think they are. They could say "dumb chick" instead of "longevity". No thanks. I don't need 100 Chinese people on the Great Wall of China laughing at me on my dream vacation. Did you ever hear that Gen Xers are cynical - me too :-)

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