Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let them eat Cake...R2D2 Cake

Here's Gary (Dad, Joanie and Janis) on Dad's birthday.
Dad's birthday is January 30th and he'd be 70 years old!
Greta's birthday is coming up and Auntie Joanie's birthday is only 2 weeks away. Janis and I talked today and she is making a 5 level R2D2 cake for Grayson's Cub Scout Group's Crazy Cake day tomorrow. Hope it turned out okay!
This a great picture - Janis looks a bit messy though.
I wonder how Janis and Grayson's R2D2 cake turned out - any cake that is 5 layers and has wooden dowels running through it just to maintain structural integrity would garner a reaction just like little Janis has in this photo - "say what?"
Best to everyone!
Update: Janis said the R2D2 cake turned out very well. There were the 5 layers and also a split sheet cake for the legs on each side. Whew! Lots of work - will get a picture asap.

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