Friday, February 6, 2009

Somebody turns 5 on February 13th!

This picture was taken on my 5th birthday - obviously...

I remember that cake! I licked the frosting off of those hard candy poodle decorations. I also remember that bib and that wooden decoration on the table - used to play with it - was it a radio?
This was in Feb/1968 - before the Moon landing in July.

I don't remember wearing jewelry or a watch at that age - but I am a big jewelry fan now so it's kind of interesting to know I wore jewelry when I was so young.

I'm pretty sure my "Prince Valiant" haircut was the result of getting gum in my hair some 6 months earlier but Mom never kept our hair long as toddlers and young children - Janis and I grew longer hair in grade school.

The round face, tiny teeth, pink/rosy skin and wide-set eyes are all with me still.

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