Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday David! (and Hana next week)

It's David's Birthday tomorrow. The first day of spring is today, but sometimes it falls right on David's b-day. Congratulations David!

It's also David and Susana's wedding anniversary tommorrow - Congratulations to the whole Woodward-Pelayo family.

Here's David's 4th birthday back in the 1970's - check out that smile - I similarities to Sebastian and Marcos in a big way.

These are David's pre-StarWars years but shortly the force would overtake him and that's all he wanted for his birthday for years afterwards. May the force be with you bro!

Hana Rae Goldfine's birthday is the following week - she is also an Aries. Happy Birthday dear Hana - hope you had a great 21st birthday. (I am in denial, if you get older so do I)

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