Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day - That'll put the Irish in you!

Here are pictures of our Irish ancestors.

To the left is John Workman - listed as immigrating to Minnesota from Canada in 1840's. Both of his parents were born in Ireland. (He is shown here with his wife MaryAnn) John Workman is my great-great Grandfather on our Dad's maternal side of the family. MaryAnn's family came to Minnesota from Virginia and there were large populations of people from Ireland and England in that area of the country at that point in time. We don't know her hertitage but it likely included some Irish and English.
Next there is Grandma Lillian Minnie Mae Moody from Cass Lake, MN. Her father was Lucius Moody and he is of Irish decent - his parents were both Irish but he was born in the USA. Grandma Lillian was 1/2 Irish (Lucius Moody) and 1/2 German (Bertha Rehbein).

This all adds up to making me, Janis, Daniel and David nearly 1/4 Irish. Grandma MaryAnn Larson listed her heritage as mostly Swedish and Irish but we have the addition of German/Irish from Great-Grandma Voltz and 100% English from Great-Grandpa Woodward. I do know that we all have the gift of Blarney....that's for sure.

Grandma Voltz 50% Irish
Grandpa Woodward 25% Irish
Gary Woodward 12.5% Irish
MaryAnn Larson 50% Irish
Gary Woodward 25% Irish

Our Dad was well over 1/3rd Irish (37.5%)
Joan, Jan, Dave and Dan = 18.75% Irish (more than 1/8th but less than 1/4th)

MaryAnn and John Workman are present in the 1880 Census on throughout the 1930 census on Ancestry.com

MaryAnn and John were born in 1855. John died on Mar 5th, 1922 and MaryAnn (our Grandma's grandma) died on November 29, 1943.

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