Monday, March 30, 2009

March 2009: In like a Lamb out like a Lion

Much of Minnesota (west and north of the Twin Cities) is expecting between 6-12 inches of snow over the next 24 hours.

That ends the month of March 2009 with a nice roar to end a long, colder than normal winter. We have had 50 or so fewer 70 degree days in the fall so we plummetted into winter of 2009 this year and we are blissfully happy to be emerging out of our dens into a decent spring.
This past weekend was a bit chilly with highs to the mid-low 40's. The weekend before reached the 60's and that was the first weekend since well before last October that we hit that temperature.
Guy, Virgil, MaryAlice and I went to the Norwegian Glee Club's semi-annual lutefisk dinner over the weekend. I had plenty of boiled potatoes, lutefisk and norwegian meatballs. It was wunderful. Nice to hear the lilt of Norwegian accents aplenty and the old Norwegian songs. I surprised myself and liked lutefisk with Swedish cream sauce better than Norwegian style of melted butter. I had quite a pile of lutefisk and surprised everyone with how much I enjoyed it. They didn't have herring or rutabagas though and I missed those..... Got alot of lefse which was nice and "tin". Freddy's lefse is the best!

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