Thursday, April 30, 2009

Human Population Explosion - Where do we Expand to?

Just think about the magnitude of human's population growth on earth.
  • Today there are 56% more people on earth than when I was born.
  • Today there are 65% more people on earth than when our Dad was born.
  • Today there are 70% more people on earth than when our Grandma was born.
  • Today there are 75% more people on earth than when our Great Grandma was born.
  • Today there are 80% more people on earth than when our Great, Great, Grandma was born.

Think of population growth in this historical perspective.....

  • In 10,000 BC - there were less than 1 million people on earth.
  • When the pyramids were being built in Egypt there were 25 million people on earth.
  • At the peak of the Roman empire there were 100 million people on earth.
  • At the time of the American Revolution there were 750 million people on earth and Europe was way too crowded to sustain the population. Famines were breaking out and continued throughout the next 120 years driving human migration to North America.
  • In 2009, there are nearly 7 billion people on earth and the planet is experiencing distress and the animal populations are completely decimated.

Here is what the future holds...Steven Hawking states that the earth can only support Human life for the next 200 years and then we will be forced out to other planets/stars. Humans are very close to recreating the long-extinct Mammoth through cloning - think "Jurassic Park". All animal and plant DNA is being mapped and stored. Humans are beginning to build the greatest "ark" in the history of mankind. There will be 70-100% more humans on earth within the next 100 years and the human population will more than triple in 200 years! Non-human flora and fauna populations have plummeted near record low levels - mostly due to lack of habitat.

My guess is that our children's great-grand children will not be earthlings. We will have to move on to another habitable planet. One has been found a couple weeks ago - only 20 light years away. Right now, the race is on to find Earth II and develop the technology to get there! The only drawback is that it's the population of industrialized and 1st world countries that will migrate to Earth II first. Leaving the populations in 2nd and 3rd world countries to continue to scrape up a living off of a soon to be barren earth. Anyone see another future emerging or I am seeing the future through glass "half-empty" glasses?

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