Monday, July 13, 2009

Back from Vacation in the Black Hills

Greta - 4 years old
Janis - 40ish
Joan - 40ish
Grayson - nearly 8 years old
Kaylee - 1 year old (Shih Tzu)

We all traversed Minnesota and 99% of South Dakota for a vacation in the Black Hills. We were in the Black Hills for five sun and fun filled days! We stayed at the Bavarian Inn in Custer, SD - which had good reviews on Trip Advisor. We had a very, very small room - there were others much larger that if I go back would specify and request specifically. Room 105 or 120 were great. We were in room 118 and it was tiny, tiny. It was a bit tough with 2 adults, a dog and 2 kids.

Day 1 - Custer/Hill City and Bear Country USA
Day 2 - Keystone and the Shootout
Day 3 - Deadwood/Lead and a Rented Pontoon
Day 4 - Hotsprings and Custer
Day 5 - Mount Rushmore, 3 major Park Systems

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