Sunday, August 23, 2009

Paul Bunyan and Nepalese Food

It's been a long time since I've posted. I guess my river of ideas have ran a bit dry.
Today, I remembered the Paul Bunyan logging camp restaurant where Mom, Dad, David, Danny, Janis and I dined as kids by Bemidji. It was set up as an old-time logging camp with checked picnic tables indoors and they would bring us ice cold, tin pitchers of milk and all the pancakes you could eat. You ate off tin plates and drank out of shiny tin cups like Laura Ingalls - Janis and I thought that was cool. David was about 8 years old and he ate more pancakes than Dad. At home, Mom and Dad rationed milk and here we could drink as much as we wanted (here and the state fair!) Grandma Lillian Minnie Mae Voltz was a cook at a logging camp back in her day - not very fun I wager. Out back they had real steam engines to look at and Mom overate and vomited in the bushes. I laughed but nagging at the back of my mind - what a waste of money to vomit up all that good food.

Speaking of vomiting up good food - Poor Guy did that once on an anniversary - we went to a Nepalese restaurant - which turned out to be a fusion of Asian and Indian foods.

At the end of an enormous meal they brought us a type of glub jamin in rosewater for dessert. I was thrilled with the exotic description of the dessert - this would be cool! Well, it was kind of a cold sponge cake wrapped around a homemade cheese that was in thick rose water syrup - sounded great on paper. However, the textures hit you as really, really disturbing-like you were eating cold crap wrapped in a wet wool sweater. After one bite, Guy's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and he said we had to make a hasty retreat and we ran to the car - he vomited in the dumpster on the way out. We had to stop 3 times at gas stations so Guy could vomit again all the way home - happy anniversary to us!

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