Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Helen Irene with Her Sky-Blue Eyes and Diamonds

Mom would be 69 this October - still pretty young. She died in June of 2002 at age 62 - what a loss for all of us. Grandpa Pederson would have been 114 this October 31st. I have no idea how old Father Klemick is on the same day (Halloween birthdays for clergymen are weird!).
I was sitting across from this computer salesperson in my office the other day and I realized I was staring into his sky-blue eyes that looked just like our Mom's. I commented on them and he said he gets that alot because they are a really, really light blue shade. That's for sure - funny to be reminded of Mom in that way.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hana as Posh Spice and then as Pam

Hana as Pamela Anderson - I intesified Hana's makeup, gave her a spray tan -shrunk her nose by 10% and lifted her brows.

The real me - that nose job looks good right about now!

Last Bunch - out of brunettes as my bangs and brows show....

More Angelina - I like this one....

Not feeling the Jessica Alba

I like this one - she's just a model I found The makeup, skin, bangs, eyes, brows are all mine but the nose has been shrunk 25%, I gave myself a spraytan and the lips have been plumped by 40%. Nobody can go to hollywood these days without a spraytan, a nose job and lip plumpers - ask Lisa Rinna.

Joan as Angelina Jolie

I dig the Joan version better - after the nose job and lip plumping I gave myself - just saying......

Joan as Scarlett Johanson

Joan after Photoshop

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Emma - My first Cat

I got Emma in 1987 and we spent the first six months giving each other puzzled looks and a few mutual hisses but it wasn't long before we were devoted to each other. She was 3-4 years old when I got her after I moved into the Spruce Place Apartments in Minneapolis. A stand-up comic named "Mo" gave her to me - Emma was left in my new apartment by the previous renters. Mo, the comic, she ended up on MadTV. Emma loved to balance on the rafters of the bunkhouse at the cabin and she loved to sleep just under my chin for warmth. She was a glamorous lady with a sunny disposition despite her grumpy appearance. She died in 2001.

Here is a good picture of Isabel

She didn't have a tail (was a manx) and every time you petted her she cried but she was a big sweetie with a warm disposition. She died in 2008 after 19 long years.

Jonathan - Our Sweetie

Jonathan died this year - he was our big lovebug. He didn't like to be held but he loved to be petted. With his big gold eyes and his 4 white feet (not pictured). He was a tender-hearted beauty who loved people and played fetch with his woobie. (a tiny kush ball)

Sebastian the Cat

Sebastian is our big, longhair tuxedo kitty. This is a picture from his younger days. He has some kind of sinus tumor these days and is not doing well. He is very, lovey and loves to snuggle. Our big boy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Really Bad Idea

The Epsilon table is a coffee table which doubles as a fireplace. And yeah, it's every bit as dangerous as it looks. Unless a coffee table which occasionally shoots fire out the top doesn't sound dangerous to you. In which case my spinning saw blade chair is perfect for you. You sit on it and spinning saw blades, well, cut you in half. Inventor of the year!

Looked Good On Paper...

The Mool Hood Toaster is a toaster that pulls your bread through like an MRI machine, as opposed to usual toasting methods where the bread sits still. Just hope the moving mechanism doesn't break down halfway through, or you'll have an unreachable piece of bread catching fire in the middle of the toaster you're frantically hitting with a hammer to shut off. And sure, you could probably just unplug it, but that wouldn't be nearly as dramatic and exciting.

Dude - this guy really wants the shower cleaned!

Darth Vader Hot Air Ballon

These Star Wars fans created a hot air balloon in the shape of Darth Vader's head. I don't want to exaggerate or anything, but I think it's safe to say this is the greatest hot air balloon ever made. Ever. In the history of time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Whatever Happened to Fountain Cave?

Pierre Parrant was also known as Pig's Eye because he was blind in one eye. He came to America from Canada in 1829, but after some trouble with the law, he moved north to Minnesota. Near Fort Snelling he started to selling whiskey to Indians, fellow squatters, and soldiers from the fort. He discovered Fountain Cave and moved his whiskey still from Fort Snelling to the cave in 1838, which provided shelter as well as running water to make whiskey. So he became the first person of European descent to live in what is now the city of St. Paul. The city formed around his cave and tavern. However, with the growth of the settlement, his liquor business was a nuisance to his new neighbours, and he was kicked out of Fountain Cave and at least three other locations. Finally in 1845 Parrant moved to Winnipeg.
After Pig's Eye's departure, the cave was used as a storehouse and then as a tourist attraction. It was described as "a marble temple", issuing water so pure it resembled "a shower of diamonds". A pavilion was opened nearby offering refreshments and lights for exploring the cave. Fountain Cave was featured in the "Tourists' Guide to the Health and Pleasure Resorts of the Golden Northwest".
But as the city grew, the sewage of the settlement and, most important, of the Omaha railroad, who used the cave as a cesspit, polluted the tourist attraction. The visits to the cave faded and finally the mouth of the cave was sealed by the construction of Shepard Road.
Fountain Cave was originally called In-Yan Ti-Pi by the local Dakota people. It was about 350m long, possibly Minnesota's longest natural sandstone cave. It was formed by the erosion by a little stream from the wetlands above. A 50m long winding passage with running water on the floor led to a circular room of 15m in diameter. Today the cave is not accessible, but there is a plate commemorating the site above.