Monday, November 23, 2009

Something is Amuck with Meghan

Meghan is our wildcat. That's right, we have a wild kitty living in the house with us. One day, in 1996 - we found out that a neighbor was planning to trap a family of cats that has moved under his shed. His plan was to send in his two pitbulls to make short work of them. So, Guy and I sprang into action.
We borrowed some live traps and captured a Momma Kitty and 2 Babies. The Momma kitty was too wild to keep as a pet, she clawed and bit. But her 10 week old babies - Guy and I decided to keep. They were named Meghan and Rachel.
Now Meggie is 13 and losing weight - she never socialized properly and is a bit wild so her days may be numbered. She isn't a cat that can handle medical care - poor girl. Even though we never got to touch her or cuddle her - she was a great member of our pride.

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