Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Season's Greating to Everyone

Also known as "God Jule" in Norway...

Remember that we are Woodwards and if there is one thing that Woodwards do is "Dream a Dream and THEN...go about making that Dream a reality". You've heard about Dreamers - well - I'm one for sure. I got busted in grade school for daydreaming all the time. The good thing about dreaming is to make sure that you plan out the steps to fulfill most of your dreams and you can wave the "DREAMER" flag proudly.

I was recently listening to an audio program and came across the following thought: “How many have said that if I continue doing what I'm doing, in 5 years I'm going to be here.”

Now let's say that suddenly on careful consideration, you say:
  • I'm not in a very good place (job, relationship, etc)
  • Everyday I get this feeling that my life is not a fulfilling place to dwell in
Is it possible as a human being to change your destination point 2-5 years from now?
YES! Absolutely!

See, that's so amazing and extraordinary about the powerful combination of Dreaming and Planning.

No other life form (we know of) can do that - all you need to do is Pick a different destination in 2-5 years.
  • Start making plans
  • Learn the skills
  • Accept the disciplines
  • Get the teaching and the training
  • Shows the consistency of effort
  • Start going in a new direction
And in 2-5 years from now, wind up in a totally different place then where it was assumed that you were going to arrive with the old plans.

Only human beings have this amazing ability to change their outcome - to pick a new direction and go that way. We have the ability to see the future and give it our own design. However, most time we don't do it.

Why? Well as I recently heard, “We're trapped either by the regret of the past or the routine of the present. We are so busy with the routine of the present that we don't give much thought of designing the future or we are trapped by the past with regrets of past losses and past failures and past mistakes and we re-live it over and over again."

We do this, “not for the benefit of changing it in the future but just because, we feel our lives have been less than favorable simply because of all the things that have happened in our past.”
The audio program continued to state that, “Make sure the greatest pull on you is the pull of the future. Not the pull of the past that keeps taking you back. Not the pull of gravity, like the present, that just keeps you stuck where you are but, we want to make sure that the greatest influence on us is the pull of the future.”

Amazing - what awesome advice - I just had to share it - it's truly remarkable.

This year I was actually reminded of something someone mentioned or I read, I don't remember now, but I think it was a couple of years back, “You will never live long enough to learn it all yourself.” The point was that we should look towards leveraging proven success methods and learn from the experts who have already done it - been there and done that and this whole quote, I was reminded of because of a story I had recently came across.

This is it: If you go to the kitchen to cook a dish and the very first thing you get is a recipe and you follow the recipe; work with the recipe – eventually you will master that dish. Once you have mastered that dish and repeat it a few times, make that dish over and over again, you will then remember the recipe; you will not have to keep going back to that recipe book.

Now, if someone says, “Boy, this is really good!”
You don’t reply back saying, “Yes, It’s a miracle! Like something out of thin air or magic!” No, you just followed a proven recipe that had been worked out by people before you and practiced over and over by you....

It helped remind me that if you want to be successful at something, study those who have done it before you and then practice, practice, practice.

“Successful people are those that have learned from those that have gone before them and then keep trying. Unsuccessful people try to make it all up and then stop at the first failed try." To complete the analogy with with the recipe, it would be like a cook going into the kitchen, taking ingredients out of the cupboard, throwing them all in a bowl, and wondering why it doesn’t taste good. (I have actually done this with some pretty scary oatmeal scotchies...yuk!)

WOW! What an interesting concept!

Just remember three key things:
  • If you think it’s impossible – It isn’t
  • If you think you know everything – You don’t
  • If you think you are alone – You’re not
And then the audiotape highlighted a story that they heard related to a person by the name of Richard DeVos who started the Amway Corporation. Apparently Richard needed a heart transplant and if he didn't get it, he was not going to last very long. Now, fast forward – Rich finally gets his heart transplant and what’s really spectacular about the story was, after his heart transplant, he has dinner with the lady who gave him her heart!

You say, “What?? That’s impossible! You can’t have dinner with the person that gave you their heart!” (I was asking the very same thing!)

Well, here’s what happened, this lady was desperately ill and needed a lung transplant. The donor was found and apparently, sometimes, it’s much better in a lung transplant if the heart and lung goes together. So this lady gets a heart and lung transplant that she needs to save her life. Now, her heart is left over from this operation and her heart goes to Rich. And that, my friends, is how Rich was able to have dinner with the lady that gave him her heart.

Amazing - the impossible is really possible - "The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a person's determination." It just reminds me of the quote from Albert Einstein, "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them." The impossible is only that at the same level that it was thought to be but very possible at a completely different level!

"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable."

I wish for all of you that the impossible of 2009 become a positive possible in 2010.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and have an Excellent 2010!

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