Monday, January 25, 2010

Lake Minnetonka - Sailing in January

I stumbled on a couple of folks in Mound, Minnesota practicing a beautiful new sport. It was one of those standard sunny and cold (14 degrees Fahrenheit) and windy days in January in Minnesota.

I was on my way to visit my in-law's to negotiate some post-xmas gift card exchanges and I stumbled on this sight on North Arm Bay of Lake Minnetonka! This is the latest thing - Kite Skiing. You hook up a large kite to your body and use regular downhill skis to be dragged around the surface of a frozen lake. It looks fun - you are actually harnessed to the kite - and some of the skiers caught alot of air. All of them wore helmets lest they test the thickness of their skulls against frozen ice (wise!) I drove onto the ice at the boat launch and talked to one of the guys - they said it was way easier to learn than windsurfing. If you can master the basics of cross-country skiing and flying a kite or basic sailing this sport is for you.

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