Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hi Everyone

I have been very, very busy since I last posted - I have geneaology information to share with all the Woodwards.

We are related to Elizabeth, Joan and John Tilley who were on the Mayflower
Nathaniel Chaffins came to Minnesota from West Virginia after the Civil War with his father-in-law Mark Sumner. Nathaniel Chaffins was Grandma Mary's Great Grandfather through Nellie Workman. The Chaffins line goes back to 1509 to a man in England named Chafin Or.

There are some false leads too that look like we are related to Henry the 7th (father of the infamous Henry the 8th but it cannot be substantiated with live data.

There is a great lineage that looks authentic back to the Roman ruler Licinious and to Constantine the Great and a Danish Queen - pretty cool.